Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nice Neighbourhood

So... I think I saw a guy using the hotel I am staying in as a no-tell motel last night. He was complaining that the Days Inn up the street wouldn't let him rent there because he is a local. When I walked into the office, he was with a reasonably attractive woman, who was wearing a fairly revealing top. Thing is, that's not uncommon down here. Quite the opposite, in fact. You see, it's hot. Men wear wife beaters, and so do their wives. So, really the only reason that I suspect this is that buddy (who was wearing a wife beater) was renting a room at a cheap-ish motel, paying in cash, and seemed to know renting motel rooms pretty well, since when he was telling me that the other day, he couldn't get a motel room from the Days Inn which was weird, as he had been rented one from the woman who runs the place a couple of days earlier.

And, of course, the first night I got in, I went for a little drive to get to know the area, and saw a prostitue who actually hailed me like I was a cab. As you might guess, I didn't head over. Now, this wasn't the same girl (I didn't get a good look at either, but one was black and the other white, so I'm pretty sure) but there is certainly evidence that such goings on happen in the neighbourhood I am currently living in.

The area I am moving to is supposed to be nicer, though. After all, it is right on a private golf course. And there are no cheap motels right in the area. The only thing in the area other than the golf course of note is the Middle School. So, I am looking forward to this weekend's move for several reasons.

I also went to see a movie yesterday - Cry_Wolf. Not the greatest movie ever made, but if you like horror movies, certainly not bad either. I'm also a little bit of a fan of Lindy Booth. If you ever watched Relic Hunter, where Tia Carrere did her best Lara Croft impression, you might know her as the secretary Claudia, although she was replaced in the last season by Tanya Reichert, a woman who may be more what some think of when they hear beautiful, but who I didn't find had the personality that Lindy did. However, Tanya scores some cool points by showing up in Club Dread. She's one of the girls going with the guy for the threesome at the beginning of the film. I find Lindy to be charming on screen. I have seen many of her films, not necessarily because she was in them, but because they interested me anyway. She has a certain ingenue quality, which she often plays against. Her voice and face are particularly innocent, but her eyes can be very knowing. She was outstanding in Century Hotel, which I highly recommend if you like interesting, vignette-type movies. She was very good in Cry_Wolf too. As was Jon Bon Jovi.

But I didn't start talking about it to talk about the actors, though I obviously could for hours. (I'm like that) I wanted to talk about the theatre. It is called the Oaks Paradise 10 or somesuch, and what a great place to watch a film. The seating was comfortable, even for a "plus sized" guy like myself. A matinee is $5.00. I didn't buy any popcorn, but if I had gone whole hog and bought a bucket that would fit over my head (with no exaggeration) and a large drink (also a sizeable beverage) the whole thing would have cost me about $14. Which is about what a ticket costs in Toronto. (Now, granted, the whole exchange thing figures in, but still..) The decor was tasteful. The doors were all wood, with brass handles, the washrooms clean. It was a great experience. I am looking forward to the next time I get to see a movie out there.

And that is it, with the good and the not-so-good of my stay here in Florida from yesterday.

Later, peeps!


  • Cool that you found a nice theatre in the hood.
    Not so cool to think what the local hookers could be doing for the guy up in the projector room. But hey... guess you gotta take the bitter with the sweet. Just a thought, by the way: Lindy Booth as Valerie in a Danger Girl movie?

    Good to hear you seem to be settling into your new city. Hope all goes well with the move next week. You should flip the hookers $5 a piece, and maybe they'll give you a hand.

    ... er... that came out wrong.

    ... er... wait...

    By Anonymous Reay, at 8:58 PM  

  • You should hire the hookers as your own personal army of ninja-women.

    Or, you can have them show up at unsuspecting people's houses shouting about not wanting to have the baby anymore.

    By Anonymous Jorge, at 10:30 AM  

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